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Since my weather station died at home, I have not had time to repair and redesign the system to interface with the new remote Server.This page is the result of a small script that sources data from London City Airport around 8 km from my home.

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Multi-band DDS WSPR Signal Source . A PC-less multi-band DDS WSPR signal source using a Microchip 16F628A PIC and an American QRP Club DDS-60 VFO . Features: -6 thru 160 meter operation -Single band operation or transmit scanning . Gene Marcus W3PM GM4YRE . 16 February, 2009

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The automated WSPR beacon network allows inexpensive propagation monitoring from locations around the world and can be used to determine preferential propagation or transmitting directions. HAARP uses much higher transmitter powers than normal amateur radio communications.

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Hi Currently working on using this on the ham bands (40m) to run as a simple low power WSPR transmitter which will be a modified to work with a CW QRP pixie kit which will produce about 750mw of output power. I was looking at a simple way of keying the transmitter and this should be a very interesting project to complete. Thanks for the coding On 80m WSPR RX it worked well although I only managed spots with 2.5W from 1 German station on TX. As I have managed to find the ferrite rod and tuning capacitor used in my own tests some years ago, I may try my own ferrite rod on 40m or 30m WSPR TX again or FT8 TX.

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This page hosts my Arduino Source Code for my Arduino QRSS transmitter. The QRSS page has more about QRSS in general as well as some reports. The Schematic for the PA can be found here: 1W PA for 10MHz. This amplifier makes about 800mW from the DDS-60’s drive. Source Code for AD9851 QRSS Transmitter. Sources

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Thunderbolt 305 Ham Radio Linear Amplifier Schematics. $10.00 ... CW SSB FM WSPR. $120.00. $25.00 shipping ... 20MHz-512MHz 5W broadband RF linear power amplifier FM ... The Magic Box circuit board sits in the clear box with the cables attached to its front panel. To its right in the black box – with only a red push button featured for spotting the transmit frequency in the receiver – is the home brew transmitter. Those are crystals of various kinds sitting on top of the transmitter.

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