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Audio in Python. This page tries to provide a starting point for those who want to work with audio in combination with Python. If you are creating a game, most of what you are looking for may already be included in the many PythonGameLibraries that are available.

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Given a linked list, detect the starting node for a loop in that list if a loop exists in it. This should be done in O(1) space and O(n) time complexity. Here is a video solution that explains the intuition behind Floyd's algorithm with animations and examples.

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Aug 28, 2009 · Nmap has a multitude of options, when you first start playing with this excellent tool, it can be a bit daunting. In this cheat sheet, you will find a series of practical example commands for running Nmap and getting the most of this powerful tool.

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Currently, you can detect microbursts by using Telemetry, a third-party packet capture and analysis tool, or the discarded packet capture function. Telemetry determines whether a microburst occurs on a port based on the buffer usage and the millisecond-level packet rate statistics of the port.

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Wireshark has 39,420 members. A Facebook group (created October 25 2010 by Nickelby Thane) for users, developers or anyone who is interested in...

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Dec 09, 2020 · Wireshark makes decrypting SSL traffic easy. I really like the way Wireshark handles the SSL decryption process. Cryptography is complicated, and the standards are constantly changing to be more secure. But once Wireshark and your environment are set up properly, all you have to do is change tabs to view decrypted data. When we completed the fiber connection between room1 and room2, ports on switch2 on room1, part of portchannel 2 went in errdisable status, because of mac-loop. This is the mac address-table global config. show mac address-table loop-detect . Port Down Action Mac Loop Detect : enabled. Port Down Action Mac Loop Detect on Edge-port : disabled

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