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1. Rate of spread (chainslhour),the forward rate of spread at the head of a surface fire. 2. Heat per unit area ( ~ t u l f t a~ )m,easure of the amount of heat that is released by a square foot of fuel while the flaming Rothermel, Richard C. A mathematical model for pre-dicting fire spread in wildland fuels.

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The result of such a hybrid model would ultimately provide more information to the fire managers and decisions makers dealing with the “wicked problem” on the ground. References. Cruz, M. G. and Alexander, M. E. (2013) Uncertainty associated with model prediction of surface and crown fire rates of spread.

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10-hour 0.25–1.00 Small branches, shrubs Supports fire spread and the heating and combusiton of larger fuels. Under very dry conditions fires spread quickly. 100-hour 1.00–3.00 Medium-sized branches Supports fire spread and the heating and combusiton of larger fuels. 1,000-hour 3.00–8.00 Large branches, small logs Supports fire spread.

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Predicted fire (A) flame lengths, (B) rates of spread, and (C) fireline intensities associated with increasing wind speed and herbaceous fuel loads (on the right axis, ranging from 0.25 – 2.00 tons per acre) for dry grass-shrub fuel model with BehavePlus software. Overcoming perceptions of wildland-urban interface fire disasters as a wildfire control problem rather than a home ignition problem, determined by home ignition conditions, will reduce These fires tend to burn under high winds, with very low fuel moistures, producing high spread rates and intensities.

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Extreme fire behavior should be watched for and precautions taken if found. Signs of extreme fire behavior include: 1. Rapid rate of spread due to high winds, fuel type changes, and increase in slope 2. Intense burning 3. Spotting, where sparks or embers carried by the wind or slope beyond the main fire 4.

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The fires have burned across the country in recent months, affecting four out of six states. Australia's east coast has been hardest hit. Bush fires can be so large and hot that they generate their own dangerous, unpredictable weather systems. These so-called firestorms can produce lightning, strong...

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