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Amoeba- Unicelular protists that move and also ingest their food with pseudopods (false feet), extensions of Spirogyra- A filamented green alga, found in green masses on the surfaces of ponds and streams. Paramecium- Propells itself with hundreds of cilia that beat in a coordinated rhythm.

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Needless to say, this nano-spider is no WALL-E, but it can still be classified as a robot. A robot is defined as a mechanism that can understand its surrounding environment, make decisions and move automatically. The little spider-bots can certainly do that.

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Since the discovery of mimivirus, numerous giant viruses associated with free-living amoebae have been described. In this brief review, we present recent advances in virophage-giant virus-host interactions and highlight selected studies involving interactions between giant viruses and amoebae.

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2. Paramecium - continued. Animal-like protists - Examples. Feeding occursin the funnel-shaped gullet (buccal cavity) where food is drawn in by external and internal cilia to form food vacuole

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