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Uncommon Maul: Increases melee damage: Uncommon Scavenge: The Companion has a chance to open nearby lockers: Common Shelter: The Companion provides a shield when its owner is reviving an ally: Uncommon Shock Collar: Increases chance of causing status effects Adds Electricity damage to attacks Rare Venom Teeth: Increases chance of causing status ...

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Moves Requirement Description Damage Gif Gravity Punch 1 User launches an explosive gravity bullet that has a long range and has decent hitbox.

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Jan 05, 2012 · "Uncommon cold" is a play on "common cold". Monte Scarlo is the Monster High version of Monte Carlo. "Monsterazzi" is a play on "paparazzi". "Vamptastic" is a vampire play on "fantastic". Errors. Draculaura's reflection leaves out the pimples on her neck.

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Permanent Character's Token · Limited Time Character's Token Christopher Robin Ears Hat · Cri-Kee Ears Hat · Donald Ears Hat · Dumbo Ears Hat · Gord Ears Hat · Grumpy Ears Hat · Jack-Jack Ears Hat · Lady Ears Hat · Mayor Ears Hat · Meeko Ears Hat · Michael Ears Hat · Mother Gothel Ears Hat · Owl Ears Hat · Pan Flute · Peter Pan ... The jungle egg was the second egg in the gumball machine. The egg contained 7 pets 1 uncommon 2 rare 2 ultra rare and 1 legendary. This egg looks similar to a jungle. 1 Jungle pets 1.1 Uncommon 1.2 Rare 1.3 Ultra rare 1.4 Legendary 2 Fun facts black panther brown bear rhino crocodile platypus parrot the jungle egg represented the habitat of a jungle unlike the safari egg. this egg contained 2 ...

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Obscure Characters in the DC Universe . This information in this section was originally posted to the original DC Comics Message Boards in the 1990s, and moderated by John Censullo.I have cleaned up and indexed all the entries.

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Armor (medium or heavy, but not hide), uncommon . Mithral is a light, flexible metal. A mithral Chain Shirt or Breastplate can be worn under normal clothes. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond

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