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all maps necessary for texture painting in Substance Painter saved as PSD, two Substance Painter files, one with the setup for adding additional height details to the gun and one with the actual textures for gun and stock, Substance Painter version 2018.3.3 or later is required,

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A common workflow is to use Blender for modelling and UV Unwrapping and then move to Substance painter to create the texture before moving back to shade in Cycles or Eevee. In these cases, we can start just like when texturing internally by making a smart UV project.

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Jul 30, 2020 · we have to sync our workflow to substance painter our desire engine for example in marmoset or unity their normal map format is OpenGL so when exporting the mesh from MAX or Maya… we have to check tangents binormals as well as smoothing groups and triangulate it, with this setting in painter we just chose the default setting: uncheck compute tangent space per fragment and change normal map format to opengl.but if our engine normal formate is DirectX like unreal engine 4: uncheck tangents ...

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So when I import an object into SP, normally OBJ's exported from Blender, why is it that the mesh is smoothed out? All the edges that would normally be rough are smoothed over and it looks terrible and makes editing the mesh impossible. Giriş Yap Mağaza ... Substance Painter 1.x.

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For whatever reason, when I import it to Substance Painter it smooths certain areas. I've gone back and hardened edges again, cleaned up the model and further optimized the UVs, but I'm still coming across this issue. ... Wouldn't having smooth mesh checked cause smoothing when importing to Substance?

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Nov 06, 2019 · The mesh uploader has a lot of functions you should avoid like the plague. It can generate the LoD models for you, it can generate the physics model for you and it can add smooth normals but it sucks at all of this and if you want to make mesh with any quality at all, you should do all of it manualy before you upload.

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