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Those who were brave enough to post their selfie and those with quick harsh tongues made for a great comedic thread. Some have a way with serious insults that’ll leave you burning with embarrassment for a while. Below are a few really good roasts from the thousands of submissions over the years from the popular subreddit Reddit roast me. 1. 2 ...

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Known as the 'Cradle of Astronauts,' Purdue University's College of Engineering has produced 25 astronauts, including Neil Armstrong. The college also is home to such pioneers as Amelia Earhart and seven National Medal of Technology and Innovation recipients, as well as 25 past and present National Academy of Engineering members.

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Mar 23, 2014 · Master Electricians earn more than journeymen and apprentices. If you take on an apprentice, his/her salary will be calculated according to your hourly fee. Whether you are a specialized or general electrician also affects your annual income. Some sector’s Master Electricians earn higher salaries than others.

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Purdue University's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, founded in 1888, is one of the largest ECE departments in the nation and is consistently ranked among the best in the country. Ranken. Professional Grade. There’s technical education, and then there’s Ranken. We’ve got the technology, the know-how and the hands-on skill training you need to ensure what you learn makes the grade in the real world.

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Sep 22, 2017 · Electrical engineers use mathematics and physics principles to design, develop and assess electrical and electronic equipment and systems. They work with a range of technologies, including household appliances, the lighting and wiring systems of buildings, power transmission, telecommunications, and satellite communications.

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