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Environmental Site Inspection Checklist Form Number : EF-EI04-01. Revision Number : 1. Date : 1-1-2006 Page 1 Wan Bao Construction Limited Environmental Site Inspection Checklist Form Number : EF-EI04-01 Revision Number : A . Date : 01-02-2006

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The following inspection checklist has been created as a resource for business owners to use as you prepare for either your annual fire inspection or state mandated inspection. Please note, not all inspection requirements may be applicable to your business operation.

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Fire Department Fire Prevention Division P.O. Box 40385 Denver, CO 80204 p: 720.913.3474 f: 720.913.3587 Residential Fire Safety Maintaining and Using Single- and Multiple-station Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms, and Fire Extinguishers described below.

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Home Fire Safety Inspection Checklist A fire can occur in any part of your home. Use this checklist to make a safety check of your house or apartment. Review it with everyone in the house or apartment. Ask your landlord to go through it with you to answer questions you might have. Print this checklist and put it on your refrigerator.

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Is the fire service required to use the Annual Inspection Checklist contained in Fire Marshal Directive: 2014-002 for the inspection referred to in Ontario Regulation 364/13? A1: Yes. Item 3 of Fire Marshal Directive: 2014-002 states that assistants to the Fire Marshal must conduct the inspection in accordance with the Annual Inspection Checklist.

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A $50 inspection fee is required prior to each of the residential inspections listed above. Payment can be made via cash or check made payable to New Bern Fire-Rescue at Headquarters Station, located at 1401 Neuse Boulevard; please be certain to bring your inspection form with you when you make your payment/appointment. This document is a checklist of the items a Fire Inspector must ensure are in compliance with both the County Fire Code and the Life Safety Code during a Foster Family Home inspection. The checklist provides a description of how a facility is classified, the minimum items the Inspector will look for, and show the specific code or law that items is referenced to or from.

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