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Jul 26, 2018 · Raypak Parts Manual Raypak Heater Pilot Mounting Bracket IID 306692 $11.99. Raypack 004078F Pilot more products? Check out this page to see more: pool heater parts raypak.

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The pilot light lights the burner but also heats a pilot generator mounted next to it. This creates millivolts that go thru the fusible link,pressure swith, hi limits, on/off switch, thermostat to the gas valve. If everything is good the heater lights. It can be dangerous to work on pool heaters so be careful or call a pro.

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Maintain your above & in ground swimming pools & spas with quality parts and supplies from PST Pool Supplies. Shop online now and get FREE Shipping in Contiguous USA.

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Helping you get more enjoyment from your pool or spa is the smart idea behind the Raypak RP2100 Digital. Microprocessor Controlled Thermostat: The RP2100 Digital gas heater comes with a microprocessor based thermostat control. My Raypak natural gas pool heater will not light the pilot. It has electronic ignition and I hear the sparking but it is not getting natural gas through the valve. There is definitely gas in the line, I twisted the pipe going into the valve, and I can smell the gas, but once I retighten the pipe, there is no gas coming out on the other side of ...

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If your pool heater keeps turning off and on, check to see if the water flow light on the display is lit up. If your unit doesn't have this light, then walk over to your filter pump and check the pressure. A few areas to clean & check for blockage include:

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When ordering under warranty conditions, you must also specify date of installation. Raypak recommends that this manual be reviewed thoroughly before installing your Raypak pool/spa heater. If there are any questions that this manual does not answer, please contact the factory or your local Raypak Representative. Page 10: Clearances

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