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Given both the documentation of Python 3 contextlib or contextlib2, I’d say your usage is pretty standard for the tools at play. However, there is something bothering me a bit in your code: def get_histogram(self, name): """Return the histogram identified by name from the file.

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May 27, 2011 · Otro uso más de nicho: en pyroot con ROOT5 o ROOT6, "del" puede ser útil para eliminar un objeto python que se refiera a un objeto C++ que ya no existe. Esto permite que la búsqueda dinámica de pyroot encuentre un objeto C++ con nombre idéntico y lo vincule al nombre de python.

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Puedes hacer un entorno Python 3.5 con tu Anaconda 2.7: conda create -n py35 python=3.5. Ahora, actívalo: activate py35. Finalmente puedes instalar los paquetes deseados: conda install numpy. o, toda la anaconda: conda install anaconda. La ventaja de este enfoque es que también puede crear entornos Python 3.4 o 3.6.

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3) Running the python interpreter. Python's main power comes with how easy it is to get something that works. Part of that power is the rapid prototyping that is made possible by the interpreter. Python comes with a native interpreter that can be used simply by running: [email protected] > python. We can quit with Ctrl+D.

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ROOTをpython likeに使うためのモジュールPyROOT これを起動する時にエラーが出たので解決法の覚え書き。 問題と原因 Python上でROOTを使うためにはpyROOTっていうモジュールをインポートするのですが 自分の環境でROOTをインポートしようとすると Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread ってエラー ...

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Jun 01, 2011 · PyROOT Support of Python 3 has been added. Tutorials Several new tutorials were provided for above new features (notably RooStats). A detailed list of all the changes is available at http://root.cern.ch/root/htmldoc/examples/V5 . PyROOT, a run-time based python binding to the ... Python 3-D software collection: A small collection of pointers to Python software for working in three dimensions.

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