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Aug 21, 2020 · Laura's 365 Project photo for 21st August 2020 - Rosinweed I have been trying to get this shot against a bright blue sky but had to settle for a hazy blue sky instead. I believe this is Prairie Rosinweed.

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This plant gets it name from the leaves which form in sets of 3 or 4 and whorl around the stem. The open yellow flowers form at the end of the stems, which can reach a height of 6-7’. Very tolerant of many conditions, but prefers dry, open, sunny areas. Height: 6-7’

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Silphium integrifolium--- wholeleaf rosinweed Silphium integrifolium var. laeve--- wholeleaf rosinweed Sinapis alba--- white mustard Sinapis arvensis--- charlock mustard Sisymbrium altissimum--- tall tumblemustard Sisymbrium loeselii--- small tumbleweed mustard

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Prairie Dock is among the taller and larger-leaved prairie plants, often maturing to 9' in height. Its sandpaper-textured leaves, 18" long and 12" wide, prove too coarse for most rabbits.Silphium trifoliatum - Whorled Rosinweed. Helianthus mollis - Hairy Sunflower. Allium cernuum - Nodding Wild Onion. Asclepias speciosa - Showy Milkweed. Eupatorium coelestinum - Blue Mist Flower. Solidago speciosa - Showy Goldenrod . Liatris pycnostachya - Prairie Blazingstar. Monarda punctata - Spotted Beebalm. Solidago nemoralis - Dwarf Goldenrod

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Texas prairie parsley Polytaenia texana Black swallowtail √ √ √ √ √ Texas kidneywood Eysenhardtia texana dogface sulphers √ √ √ √ Spicebush Lindera benzoin spicebush swallowtail √ √ √ √ Wright's desert honeysuckle (Flame Acanthus) Anisacanthus wrightii border patch √ √ √ √ √

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Dec 18, 2015 · TEXAS' COASTAL prairie wetlands are subtle things. At first glance, they look flat. But on close examination, you see that there are small differences in the slightly rolling terrain. At their...

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