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(v) Good moral character. Primary evidence of the self-petitioner's good moral character is the self-petitioner's affidavit. The affidavit should be accompanied by a local police clearance or a state-issued criminal background check from each locality 2

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A character witness is a person who attests to another person’s moral conduct or good reputation in a court of law. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep in mind that when writing a character witness statement for court, one ought to be very particular with regards to the content of the statement.

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New York, NY 10007-1312 Tel: 212-805-0500 An original plus fifteen (15) copies of a cover letter, resume and application must be received by January 31, 2019. Application forms are available on the Court’s web site: (Multiple vacancies may be filled from this posting.)

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“People tend to believe that they have good moral character, and therefore they are confident that when they face issues with moral dimensions they will make good choices. However, Cynthia Cooper, who was the whistleblower in the infamous WorldCom fraud, wrote that, “People do not wake up one day and say, ‘Today is the day I think I will ...

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character examination, approved by each state’s highest court,8 will delay some applicants’ admission by months, years, or even deny it permanently.9 Courts routinely reject claims that delay in bar admission alone is sufficient penalty.10 B. Defining Good Moral Character What is good moral character? Moral character could be described

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Jan 12, 2020 · The applicant must be at least 26 years of age and possess good moral character and general fitness required for a member of the Texas Bar. ... a member of the bar of the state of New York, may be ... It is nice to be in the good books of people so that when there is a need for a character reference letter, there should be plenty of people to volunteer. However, it is important to realize that not everyone can be favorable all the time, and sometimes it is alright if a person turns down the favor of writing a character reference letter.

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