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Mediarecorder save to file. Record Audio and Video with MediaRecorder | Web, In Chrome on Android you can save and download recordings made with MediaRecorder, but it's not yet possible to view a recording in a video element via The audio file does get created on disk but it is a 0 byte file - which is clearly incorrect. This makes me believe something isn't correct with MediaRecorder.

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我目前正在android studio中制作一个Android应用程序,需要识别音频级别何时高于某个阈值。我目前遇到的问题是MediaRecorder.getMaxAmplitude()函数总是返回0.0。 Extendings methods of MediaRecorder: isAvailable; getSupportedMimeTypes; change; download. See docs - all public API. Check our sample, use a few source (video / audio). Support. The QBMediaRecorder supports Firefox 29, Chrome 49 / Chrome 62 for Android, Opera 36 and Safari 6.1 (only wav and mp3) Usage

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It will convert your canvas drawings to a webm video stream, recordable with a MediaRecorder. All of this is still not stabilized though, and will only be available in latest version of browsers, probably with some flags set in user's preferences (e.g chrome needs the "Experimental Web Platforms" one).

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Chrome stellt viele Funktionen schon vorab als "Flags" zum Testen bereit, dazu gehörte auch MediaRecorder. In Chrome 49 ist es voreingeschaltet und erlaubt Audio- und Video-Aufzeichnungen direkt ... Android: enable H264&VP8 HW accelerator for MediaRecorder The HW encoding codes has been revised a bit recently and works pretty well now. This cl is to enable H264&VP8 HW accelerator for MediaRecorder on Android.

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