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Kion ran ahead of the group, Janja and his clan were attacking, and though Kion was more than happy to greet them, he couldn't ignore the pouring rain. He glanced over at Fuli, her fur was plastered to her. "It just had to be today that the hyenas decided to raid the pridelands?"

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PORTADA!!! La cabecera del canal fue realmente difícil de hacer 😥 😨.....Al rededor de 6 horas 💢 💫 editando lo mismo, no me acuerdo en que capitulo de ''La mejor historia'' estaba en lo que hacía la portada, pero si recuerdo que gracias a esa portada me atrase en subir el próximo capítulo ⏰ ⌚ ⏳.

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Rani departs with the Lion Guard and admits to Fuli she's worried about Kion's progress as well and that Kion might have reached the limit of how much he will be healed. Fuli suggests they go back to the Pride Lands while Rani tells them she's worried Kion doesn't think he can lead the Lion Guard without the Roar which the others dispute.

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Sep 10, 2018 · A fanfiction story of the Lion Guard from Fuli's point of view. Chapter One will be Fuli and Kion first meeting, Chapter Two will be Fuli's point of view during 'Return of The Roar,' and Chapter Three will be during 'Fuli's New Family.' After that, I will take off with an original fanfiction of my own. Fuli gif. Saved by Les pas de ... Lion King Series The Lion King 1994 Lion King Fan Art Le Roi Lion Disney Lion King Princess Luna Photo Series Leopards Live Action ...

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Akito, Estelle, and Vincent invite special guests with them to come visit Africa to Pride Rock to see what Kiara, Kopa, and Kion have been up to ever since Kion became part of the Lion Guard while Kiara and Kopa will become the next Lion King and Queen of the Pridelands.

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17/jan/2017 - Fuli the Fastest cheetah from The Lion Guard.

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