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Sight (Jotaro) Kakyoin. Kakyoin protects fem!reader's younger sister . Fluff headcanons (Kakyoin) Dio and Kakyoin with a demonic!child. Josuke, Kakyoin and Mista with a polyglot s/o. Kakyoin with a s/o who has a flower-related stand . Yearning text prompt (Kakyoin) Sweater Weather (Kakyoin) Noriaki (Kakyoin) TW: angst, self-harm, bad coping ...

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Apr 8, 2019 - Explore alex seerck's board "Jojos bizarre adventure jotaro" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Jojo bizarre, Jojo's bizarre adventure, Jojo.

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Stop talking - Jotaro x reader (part 1) It had been weeks since she last heard from him. No phone call, no letters, not a single word from him. It was like he'd just fallen off the face of the Earth,...yandere kirumi x reader, Yandere Draco x reader You were a student of sixth year at the infamous school of magic, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Being a shy Hufflepuff you tried to keep your communications as much as to just yourself but probably your luck won’t allow that.

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He turns around and said, "by the way, My name is Kakyoin Noriaki. It's pleasure meeting you.We should become friends." Then, he walks away inside the school building. I didn't say a word. Something is telling me. I'm shouldn't associate with him again. ... Jotaro Kujo X Female!Reader [Lemon]

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- Kakyoin’s not the type to kiss up to or bow down to anyone, but he holds a lot of respect for the reader - Initially, the pairing seemed very unlikely - The reader is this confident badass of a girl who is the leader of one the few schoolgirl gangs seen area, and Kakyoin is the reserved honor student type

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