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Place the cursor at the prompt line,type GO and then press F4. A new screen will appear, specific to the GO command, where you can define all the options for this command.The F4 key can help you complete the syntax of most AS/400 commands. Type MAJOR on the “Menu” option and press Enter.

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On the development iSeries (AS/400) (APP21), create a temporary library named AWTEMP and compile or copy the objects for distribution to it. IMPORTANT- Ensure the objects are created with a Target Release of V3R2M0. Run command CHGMOO QDFTOWN AWTEMP to change ownership of all objects and the library itself to QDFTOWN.

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If you own products or services that might be of any help to these industries or professionals using AS/400, we can help you reach them better. Thomson Data’s AS/400 and iSeries Users Mailing List provide you with a variety of AS/400 and iSeries users in a host of demographic picks, letting you identify your target audience with precision.

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Most AS/400's have the IBM provided query language QUERY/400. If is an easy to use and powerful tool for viewing and printing data. Here, we will write a query to see some of the data in your CUST file. Then, we'll copy it and change it to create a printed report.

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getting started with websphere the how to guide for setting up iseries web application servers Nov 03, 2020 Posted By Roald Dahl Public Library TEXT ID 994bd823 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library Getting Started With Websphere The How To Guide For Setting Up Iseries Web Application Servers INTRODUCTION : #1 Getting Started With

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Mar 25, 2019 · The last piece i need to make work is their as400 running revision 7.1. prior it was pointed to the on prem exchange which is no longer working. I created the smtp relay in iis added the connector in o365. I think we set up the as400 smtp setting properly but no email is going out and i dont see any sessions on the relay server.

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