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One by-product of combustion is carbon, the black soot that can collect and harden on the cylinder head, cylinder wall, piston and valves. Carbon deposits in the combustion chamber can affect engine performance, resulting in higher oil consumption, engine knocking or overheating.

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Apparently the harder the engine is operated (within reason); the less likely carbon build-up will occur. Fuel additives Continuous use of diesel additives can reduce harmful emissions.

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Mar 03, 2018 · At that point, a decarbonization procedure is required to remove the deposits. Carbon problems vary by engine design. To combat this buildup, engineers have had to alter GDI spray patterns, spray timing and, in some cases, even intake valve design.

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Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly toxic gas produced when fuels burn incompletely. The typical internal combustion engine used in most cars and trucks, can produce extremely high concentrations of carbon monoxide. Changes in engine design, fuel, and emission control devices have dramatically reduced the emissions of carbon monoxide. Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration. The primary reason for soot removal is to prevent the buildup of exhaust back pressure. Excessive back pressure increases fuel consumption, reduces power output, and can potentially cause engine damage. Several factors can trigger the diesel PCM to perform regeneration, including:

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Engine Carbon Cleaning, Remapping, DPF Cleaning and Autowatch Ghost immobilizer installations mobile service across the UK and Northern Ireland. UK & Northern Ireland mobile Carbon Cleaning Services Restore Power, Performance and fuel efficiency, lower emissions and prevent expensive component failures!

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First, the carbon deposits prevent the catalytic converter from reducing harmful emission in the exhaust flow. And second, the carbon deposits clog the pores in the ceramic catalyst and block exhaust flow, increasing backpressure and causing heat and exhaust to back up into the engine compartment.

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