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Salt water rinse. A salt water rinse can help to wash away bacteria and pus from an abscess. Salt water can also soothe discomfort, the National Institutes of Health points out. While rinsing can provide some relief when you have an abscess, keep in mind that salt water alone won't be enough to clear up the infection.

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Extraction of infected tooth: If the tooth can’t be restored through root canal treatment, it must be extracted. Your dentist will remove the tooth and drain the abscess to eliminate the infection. Your dentist then will follow up by performing curettage (removing by scraping or scooping) of all infected soft tissue at the tip of the tooth.

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The easiest way for your child to prevent tooth abscess is to brush their teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Your child should also replace their toothbrush every few months, eat healthy foods and limit their sugar intake, and come to our office every six months or so for a routine exam and cleaning.

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Your vet will drain the pus and remove dying tissue which promotes more rapid healing and resolution of the infection. Your vet will usually insert a surgical drain in the abscess site to allow further discharge to occur over the next few days. Usually antibiotics will be prescribed and the drain removed a few days later.

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Dec 23, 2007 · Once the abscess becomes visible, you can use a sterile needle to pop it, and get relief, however, if it never comes out, then it will continue to infect the surrounding areas. Do you have any...

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