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A spiritual approach to life can be incredibly helpful. Inspiring, insightful, compassionate wisdom is available through the Akashic Records to apply to your life for the positive transformation you deserve. Enjoy a more conscious connection with your own soul. Let us help you on your journey with the highest quality training on the planet ...

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The quickest and easiest way to enter your records is through meditation, visualization and/or prayer. When you meditate you access a higher dimensional brain wave pattern which allows you to enter the 5thdimension where the records are. Just to be clear the records aren't in a particular place (location) they're in an energetic dimension.

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I will access Your Akashic Records first to get information on your Soul's journey. Specific energetic qualities of your Soul, and how to best use them in your life. Your Soul Group of Origination, what traits you carry within you and how these influence and serve you in your expression into this physical life.

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Best Ways to Access Your Akashic Records to Experience Universal Knowledge Some people can live an entire lifetime and still not get past the illusion of reality. Some others, on the contrary, are able to access universal knowledg e and let themselves be permeated by the deepest understanding of this world.

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Jan 10, 2020 · How Mia’s understanding of the Akashic Records has evolved through years of working with them. The understanding that the Akashic Records isn’t used to predict the future, but can provide insight into potentiality. Can anyone access the Book of Records? Tim and Tianna’s experiences of their Akashic Records Consultation with Mia.

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Become certified to read the Akashic Records for multi-dimensional healing Identify and clear energetic blocks and restrictions so you & your loved ones can experience more joy, flow and vitality! This course will reopen for enrollment in December Accessing the Akashic Records gives one soul level information that helps the individual to deal with past, present and future. Through accessing the Akashic Records, one can tap into past lives, karmic themes, purposes for one's life on this earth and meaningful understanding of present experiences and future unfolding.

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