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Ear Protection - Noise exposure is a leading cause of tinnitus. Wear ear protection when around Sometimes these sounds are related to your posture - you may only hear them when you are sitting or lying down, or Limit the overall loudness of sound delivered to the ear in noisier environments...

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A crackling sound in your ears can be caused by several conditions. If the crackling isn't too severe, you can try home remedies, but be sure to see your doctor if symptoms don't get better.

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Shingles infections within or near the ear can cause hearing or balance problems as well as weakness of the muscles on the affected side of the face. These problems can be long-lasting or permanent.

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Apr 05, 2012 · Okay, I’ll jump right in. Within the past year, I started hearing my pulse in my ear, really loudly. At first it was more of a swishing sound and I thought it was fluid in my ear until it became clearer and I could hear it was actually my heartbeat. It started when my ear was infected, but I got medication for it and I thought it would go away.

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An adult seen several months after an ear infection and she complained of a blocked ear. The ear drum can’t be seen behind sloughed ear drum. After the ear was cleaned out the ear drum appears normal. Please see next picture.

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Jan 02, 2014 · You can hear the pounding of the heart more on that side as well. Also, just FYI, lying on the left side usually opens up the right nostril (you'll notice they naturally alternate throughout the day) which stimulates the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) nervous system. If you want to fall asleep more easily, start on your right side.

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