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I like Waldrons explanation of the lift in the backswing to justify the undisputed fall in the downswing. At 0.12 you can see the lift in the backswing even in Jamie's off the knee swing. @2.42 Monty says 'take a full backswing'. Is that really his full backswing. I very much doubt it. That is his full backswing without the 'lift'.

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Hi all. I just discovered The Sandtrap today after searching for Regripping at the top of the backswing. The thread was from 2009. I was playing 2 days ago and the first 6 was a struggle with ball striking. I knew I was not transitioning properly , so I decided to try and slow my backswing a litt...

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Follow Through Arms Extended At Chest Level. Arms Still Extended Before Arms Fold. The Finish – Here the momentum of the released club head along with a continued positive “pushing action” from the hands has the club, hands, and arms fire up and over the left shoulder to a complete and balanced finish position.

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Aug 10, 2016 · The backswing is the where you begin your effort to give direction and control to the golf club. A good backswing sets the stage for that perfect swing, if you do not feel your body coil as you give power to your club, it may not be a perfect way to move forward into the downswing.

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I believe this is one of many responses (Justin Blair mentioned others) to a very fundamental problem in the golf swing, which is not understood by most teachers or even pros.

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Aug 30, 2017 · It would be a mistake to say that the golf swing is ‘all about rotation.’ After all, there are countless different elements which go into a quality swing. You need to have balance, you need to have a good tempo, and you need to lag the club nicely – just to name a few key points. However, rotation is extremely important in golf.

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