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The Great American Coin Company, a family owned and operated business located in Los Angeles, California was founded in 2006 by Gary Dyner with the launch of our website www.greatamericancoincompany.com. From the outset, the Great American Coin Company was based on our passion for gold, silver and numismatic coin collecting.

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Dec 24, 2020 · The 1992 coin has a face value of $50, but appraisers told Luzader and Hannan that it’s worth at least $1,700. Hannan said they don’t know who donated the coin, or even which kettle it came from.

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They became highly popular and collectible error coins! Values for this coin once ranged as high as $600, but as the number of specimens grew and demand waned somewhat, prices eventually fell. Now, a George Washington Godless Dollar error coin in typical uncirculated condition is worth closer to $50. Beware, as many fakes exist.

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John Magavern is a coin dealer in Buffalo who has been very active in the hobby for the last 26 years and is certified in grading coins by the American Numismatic Association. He is among the top coin dealers in the Buffalo area, purchasing millions of dollars’ worth of coins and currency from thousands of satisfied customers.

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1969-S Penny Sold to Honest Coin Dealer for 5 Cents to Realize over $40,000 at A... The Gold/Silver WWII Privy Coins from U.S. Mint; GreatCollections to Auction The Yellowstone Collection of U.S. Gold Coins; GreatCollections to Auction Ultra-Rare 1882 $1,000 Gold Certificate; An Original Bust Dollar Collection, Coming Soon to GreatCollections

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Dec 31, 2020 · Buying 90 percent junk silver coins is an easy way to invest in silver. These coins give you a tangible asset that retains value, without the premium that comes with newly minted coins and rounds. Your order of junk silver may include historic coins like the Morgan Silver Dollar, the Franklin Half Dollar, and the Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

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