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Feb 25, 2018 · Hey guys, so I was driving sensibly home today and noticed a Spanner/wrench light come on and it went into limp mode so I couldn't change the driving modes and it drove like a pig... It's a 2017 GT convertible. I checked the oil life and it's still shows 40% left in it. Car has 9xxxk on the...

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The wrench light ties to a sensor for your hybrid powertrain that will not show up on a code reader. Ford has a software update for that sensor, according to a 2011 technical bulletin. I just took mine in for the software update, and they included it with the cost of the diagnostic.

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Aug 31, 2011 · I have a 2005 F-350 6.0 diesel, after driving 10 to 15 miles on the interstate the little wrench light comes on, can drive all day in town it will never come on, only at a steady speed, can shut the truck off and it resets but will come back on after driving a while again, changed the accelarator pedal and still the same thing, but it runs fine by itself, but when I hook to a trailer it starts ...

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C1230 ABS light on Ford Diagnose and fix C1230 ABS light on Ford. If you have a C1230 ABS light on Ford issue, follow these test procedures to diagnose and fix the problem. The trouble code C1230 refers to a Wheel Speed Sensor Rear Center Input Circuit Failure. Notice that it says CIRCUIT failure.

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