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Building an ESP8266 remote control for the Kankun Smart Plug If you have already built The Button , you can reprogram it to operate the Kankun smart plug by changing the host address and the contents of the http get request.

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Q1: Can I plug in a power strip to the smart plug? A: Yes, you can plug a power strip into a TP-Link Smart Plug and turn it on/off via the Kasa app or voice command with Amazon Echo/Google Assistant. The total draw and wattage of devices plugged into the power strip should be within the rated amperage and wattage of the Smart Plug.

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As you work with and learn Lua on the ESP8266, it is likely, because of some quirks in the language and processor implementatoin, that you'll eventually create a tight loop in your init.lua file. That, or an infinite loop. Either one will brick your ESP8266.

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Quick and Easy ESP8266 Plug Via OpenHAB: Here's a relativity affordable plug for those whom wish to build their own hardware. This is a hold-over instructable to give me a little more time to finish my Moteino series Parts: D1 Mini NodeMcu 4M bytes Lua WIFI Development Board ESP8266 by... Mar 05, 2019 · The Blitzwolf smart plug is a two sided circuit board, with the through hole components on the top of the board and all the SMD mounted components on the rear, while the Teckin plug uses a single sided board with through hole and SMD components on the top side. The Blitzwolf BW-SHP4 (left) and Teckin SP23 (right). (📷: Alasdair Allan)

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Jun 16, 2016 · The Smart Plug is a small device 2.6” wide, 3” deep and 3.9” high. Included in the box is a Technical Support pamphlet, a GNU license notice, a Quick Start Guide, and the smart plug. Setup ...

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I'm about to try to build one and my goals are: 1.) esp8266 2.) no arduino 3.) all encased in meter housing (running off of meter's power) 4.) also measures temperature 5.) uploads data hosting service (thingspeak or other) though local wifi. I saw the github expample on the code to run arduino core on the esp8266, so I think that's doable. Wemo Smart Plug Gets Brain Transplant. ... but does have an ESP8266. The little board seems to pop up in every hack these days.

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