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The inexplicable deaths at Dyatlov Pass are one of history’s most intriguing mysteries, as no explanation has ever made sense—until now. Once again, Moncrieff succeeds in crafting a beautifully written story that’s heavy on action, drama, excitement, suspense, and all that awesome fast-paced stuff you’d expect from a book like this.

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"Five Stars...The best investigation on [The Dyatlov Pass Incident] that I have ever read." -Mysterious Universe podcast "The Dyatlov Pass incident is virtually unknown outside Russia, but in that country, it's been a much-discussed mystery for decades. In 1959, nine Russian university students disappeared on a hiking expedition in the Ural ...

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Now that the game is out alot of the info on the wiki is now out of date or just wrong in places. I've been editing the wiki with the understanding that what happens in the game is the only canon and all the a-set video/twitter stuff prior to release is just promotional stuff. I think it's a valuable to keep it but not to treat it as strictly ...

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Oct 23, 2018 · Jonathan Boakes, developer of the Dark Fall series and The Lost Crown series “Kholat is very creepy. Set in the snowy Ural Mountains, it explores the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass incident. There ...

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Sep 18, 2015 · Background: Part 2 of our Special on Dyatlov Pass: On January 27, 1959, a group of outdoor enthusiasts, known as “tourists” in Russia, consisting of seven men and two women, mostly students and graduates of the Ural Polytechnical Institute (which is now the Ural Federal University) left the village of Vizhay in the northern Ural Mountains on a two-week ski trek, through a region called ... Russia's Dyatlov Pass Incident, the Strangest Unsolved Mystery of the Last Century 54 years ago this month, the northern part of the Urals played host to one of the most fascinating unsolved ...

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