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Simulator Battle Discussion. bf109 wing slats or smth like that. They are automatic leading edge slats. Extended they decrease your stall speed in exchange for increased drag. If you see them pop out the plane have exceeded the critical angle of attack would stall if it didn't have them.

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fiche messerschmitt bf 109; dernières fiches: ... 27-81 leading edge slats 27-88 l/e slat pos ind 27-89 slat skew / loss det 28-00 fuel general 28-10 storage storage ...

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Fitted with a new system which could retract the normally fixed leading edge slats and had a number of minor aerodynamic cleanups, boosting the speed to 208 km/h (130 mph). The Luftwaffe didn't consider such a small difference to be important and the Fi-156 B was not produced.

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Collapse. No announcement yet. BF 109 K-4 have Leading edge slats. Already looked at that website still none the wiser about the BF 109 K-4, all DCS screenshots I have seen do not show the slats?1/48 messerschmitt bf 109 g-6. 1/48 MESSERSCHMITT BF 109 G-6. Kirjoita arvostelu. Tuotekoodi: V543710. Kaikki TAMIYA tuotteet. ... and leading edge slats deployed or ...

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The wings were semi-monocoque, single-spar, all-duralumin, trapezoid in shape with leading edge slats, slightly rounded edges and slight dihedral. Technologically the wings were related to those of the Bf 109. The single spar passed through the fuselage and was attached to its main steel beam as well as to two support beams.

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Messerschmitt-Bf-109-F-K-Development-Testing-Production. Me-410. SAM Modellers Datafile 08 - The Gloster & AW Meteor. Messerschmitt again drew from previous designs in creating the 109; the aircraft featured thin, angular, single-spar wings with Handley Page leading-edge slats and an...bf.109 e -4 bf.110 c 7 ju-87b-2 stuka ju-88 a-1 he-111 h-2 g.50 ... leading edge slat lock (locked position) leading edge slat unlocked (unlocked position) to lock or ...

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