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When in doubt, check with the manufacturer. These particular.223 Remington rounds weigh 77 grain making them moderately weighted for the cartridge size. At this weight these rounds are still light enough to travel at higher speeds while heavy enough to pack a slightly weightier punch on impact.

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The “SMK” means “Sierra MatchKing” – its bullet. “Ammotec” is the shortened version of RUAG Ammotec’s name. But RUAG also owns Norma of Sweden, which is the manufacturer responsible for loading this match 223 Rem ammo here in America.

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Jun 07, 2016 · Hey guys! I'm trying to turn my BCM AR with an 18" SS upper into an SPR project. I'd like to take it as far out as it can go, realistically about 800 yards, but for learning and target purposes, 1000 yards. I bought the Vortex 2.5-10x32 FFP HS LR optic, an MOA optic with windage tick marks...

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Hornady .308 125 Grain Full Metal Jacket(100 count) $35.99 As low as $25.00. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. 9MM Premium Processed Brass(250 count) ... The Sierra Tipped Match King line has made its way online, and it looks to add a new layer of awesome to shooting the AR15. Many shooters are aware of the previous level of awesome unleashed on the 5.56 ballistics world known as the 77 grain SMK which is famously put together in the Black Hills Mk262 Mod 1 loading.

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Calculate the heat (in calories) required to boil 35.0 g of water at 100c.

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A tumbling/fragmenting/keyholed 77 grain round, even at only 2200 fps impact velocity (easy at 80 yards terminal with a SMK 77 grain) is still giving over 800 ft lbs at that targetrange, and could induce pretty severe wound trauma.

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"long range High Power shooters often select 1:8, 1:7.7, 1:7, or 1:6.5-twist barrels to stabilize the long 77, 80 and even 90 grain bullets used for 1,000 yard competition." AND "There is, of course, an exception: if you want to use loads utilizing the heavier, 75-77 grain match bullets currently used by Spec-Ops troops and other selected ... ALL 50 gr 53 gr 55 gr 60 gr 62 gr 65 gr 69 gr 70 gr 72 gr 75 gr 77 gr 80 gr 82 gr 85.5 gr 88 gr 90 gr. Bullet Type Primer. Powder

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