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Those RCA 40673 Dual gate MOSFET's For a dead receiver pre amp card the Dual gate MOSFET burned out. (shorted?) The FET has 10vdc gate protection , internal diode clamps. Almost like TVS's function, but can be blown up. (TX'ing in to it would smoke em', as would lightening hits)

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Rare Dual Gate C $7.90. Rare Dual Gate MOSFET 3N204 RCA in TO 72 case substitute of 40673 40820 etc. ... 1 3N187 1 RCA 40673 1 3N204 Dual Gate MOSFET Transistors USA ...

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Juli 2015 - Funkamateur 7·2015 CHF 5,50 · DKK 39 7 · 2015 64. JAHRGANG · JULI 2015 DEUTSCHLAND E 4,20 · AUSLAND E 4,90 716 EP6T aus dem raren Iran: Aktivierung der Insel Kish 726 HAMNET: WLAN-Technik für den Experimentalfunk 729 Software Log4OM getestet 744 IM-Messungen mit einem DVB-T-Stick 752 HF-Einstrahlungen 760 MTFT mit FT240-43 07 4 194040 004206 In de Heftmitr Bakenk te: ar ...

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Dual Gate N−Channel MOSFET TO72 Type Package Absolute Maximum Ratings: Drain−Source Voltage, ... Gate 2 Leakage Current IG2SS VG2S = 5V, VG1S = VDS = 0 − − 10 nA In figure 4 below I have depicted the schematics of the two most popular types. A J-FET and a dual gate mosfet. Typical types might be MPF-102 for a J-FET and the old RCA 40673 for the dual gate. Figure 4. - schematic of J-FET transistor and dual gate mosfet transistor. The FET of course is characterised by its extremely high input impedance.

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Unfortunately the SPR-4 uses several dual gate mosfets which are difficult to find and once found turn out to be very expensive. The ones in the SPR-4 are not available, even in the surplus market. They use MFE3007/SFC4982 in the RF/IF stages.

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Replacements for the 40673 Dual Gate Fet. 13. 40673 dual gate mosfet. 14. 3N204 pinouts? 15. Datasheets BF981 and or BF966. 12 post • Page:1 of 1. All times are UTC. Need alternate for dual gate MOSFET for 40673 or 3N211 or 3sk40. Thread starter Fran3; Start date Nov 16, 2020; Search Forums; New Posts; F. Thread Starter. Fran3 ...

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